Pocket Jamz Guitar Tabs turns your Android phone into the ultimate tablature and sheet music reference and learning device. Discover and purchase professionally encoded tablatures from top music publishers or browse and download from more than 300,000 free tabs available on the net. With adjustable song tempo, loop points to repeat difficult sections, animated fret fingering guides, and context sensitive help for chords and effects, Pocket Jamz Guitar Tabs takes your guitar skills to the next level and puts an unlimited song library in your pocket.

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Feature Highlights

Professionally Encoded Arrangements

Get instant access to carefully encoded artist approved arrangements from top music publishers. All songs include lyrics, chord and effects notations, and many include multiple tracks for supporting instruments. Build your song library with affordable selections starting at $0.49. Free guitar tabs found online are often incomplete or incorrect, lacking effects, chords, or lyrics. With Pocket Jamz Guitar tabs, its your choice. You can download or upload free tabs in Guitar Pro or MusicXML formats, or purchase professional arrangements.


Interactive Tabs for Android

Pocket Jamz Guitar Tabs turns your Android smarphones and tablets into the ultimate tablature and sheet music reference and learning device. Discover and purchase professionally encoded tablatures from top music publishers or browse and download from more than 300,000 free tabs available on the net.

Watch and Play in Portrait or Landscape

Flip from landscape to portrait to read and play wherever you feel most comfortable. Playback and interface screens morph on the fly for easy access to find, and review songs to practice and play.



Listen. Practice. Play.

Intelligent Song Playback

Repeats, codas, time signatures, and lyrics are intelligently managed to provide smooth and easy to follow song playback. Playback speed automatically adjusts to reflect changes in time signature, and fingering guides adjust to changes in key. No need to search for lyrics for repeated sections or codas. Pocket Jamz Guitar Tabs automatically maps the right lyrics to the right section of the song.


Multi-track Support

You can switch between tracks for multiple instrument arrangements to play lead, backup, vocals, or other instruments. Hear full audio playback including the full set of instruments in the arrangement. Direct control over playback of any track allows you to focus on any section of a song, or hear the song in context.


Realistic Audio

Audio playback is rendered with high quality digital sound fonts letting you hear how the arrangement sounds. Pocket Jamz Guitar tabs includes over 148 instruments from the general midi set, and high quality steel string and nylon sound fonts specifically for the guitar edition.


Stay on Beat

Adjustable metronome volume and tempo help you stay on beat and rehearse timing. Beat highlighting lets you know exactly when each note should be played. 


Customizable Views

Switch from tablature to music notation or select black, cedar or maple fretboards and an array of fingering pin colors to match your preference. If you're a lefty, Pocket Jamz Guitar Tabs can swap between left and right handed fretboard orientation.


Musical Assistant

Intelligent Organization

Songs can be sorted by artist, genre, and difficulty level. Multiple arrangements of the same song are automatically grouped together and enhanced with external web content.  


Instructional Videos

Pocket Jamz Guitar tabs intelligently links related instructional YouTube videos to watch, listen and learn from tutorial demonstrations, without leaving the app. 


Background Information

at Your Fingertips

Curious about the history of the song you are learning? Wikipedia references for each song in your library are automatically linked and viewable within the app.

Connected to the Cloud

Wireless File Transfer

Upload, download, or purchase songs to fill your library with thousands of your favorite arrangements to keep and carry around with you. Songs from our in-app store come fully loaded with all the information you need to sort, filter, and categorize your collection by artist, genre, or difficulty. For songs that you have uploaded from your PC or downloaded from the net, a full featured in-app editor allows you to fill in the missing details. For purchased songs your purchase history is safe in the cloud, and songs can be re-downloaded free of charge onto any supported device.

Even Better with Accessories

Castiv Guitar Sidekick

The Guitar sidekick is the perfect companion to Pocket Jamz Guitar tabs. With its unique patent pending design, the Castiv Guitar Sidekick can easily clip your supported Android device onto any guitar. Adjustable clip orientation lets you face the application in landscape or portrait view at a perfect viewing angle. 


Airturn BT-105 Page Turner

The Airturn BT-105 is a wireless bluetooth page turner that works perfectly with Pocket Jamz Guitar Tabs to allow hands free forward or backward scrolling operated by two silent foot pedals.